Storage Container Rentals

Small-sized containers

These are the ideal choice for onsite storage when the available area cannot accommodate a bigger unit. This container can fit perfectly in small parking lots and also in alleyways. The average monthly cost for these containers ranges from $75 to $110 based on your distance from our yard, and the duration of your rental term.

Mid-sized containers

The dimensions of our mid-sized containers measure are 8-feet wide, 20-feet long, and 8-feet high, creating 1289 cubic feet of total cubic capacity. The average renting cost for this container is about $125 per month

Large-sized containers

This is generally the most common storage container we provide to our customers as a Hollywood Dumpster Rental unit. The dimensions on these containers are 40-feet long, 8-feet wide, and 8-feet high. It provides our customers who want to store valuable inventory with the greatest capacity. The average monthly cost of renting this monster container is about $140.

The Storage Container Rental Process

The fastest way to get started is to just go ahead and contact a member of our account team at (213) 460-0905, but please feel free to keep reading if you’d like! When you work with us, a well-mannered and courteous professional consults with you to help figure out what size container will meet all your purposes, check our inventory, and quote you an exact price with a promised date for delivery.

What makes us the best in the business?

Hollywood Dumpster Rental is always trying to make it easier and affordable for our customers to find and use the highest-quality containers of the right sizes for their requirements. Among the characteristics that make us stand out in this highly competitive industry, are:

High-quality containers

We invest in portable containers that are watertight. Our team of experts always works around the clock to keep our entire inventory in the best possible condition.

The largest collection of containers

Regardless of which type and size of containers you require, you will always find the most appropriate selection of containers readily available in our yard.

Lowest rates

Our rates are the lowest you can ever find among the top container providers in greater Los Angeles.

Now that you’ve found the best, just call us at (213) 460-0905 so we can discuss your details. You can also complete a request for a quote here at