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Sometimes deciding on the right dumpster to rent can be a challenge. But don`t worry, the project requirements of Hollywood Dumpster Rental clients are important to us, and we’ll help you decide on the most suitable dumpster for your needs! We consider all the applicable factors, such as transportation, unit placement, project details, rental duration, and type of waste. Prior planning helps to avoid any possible hindrances, and we do everything possible to ensure that your waste elimination process is successful and hassle-free. Hollywood Dumpster Rental is dedicated to offering incredible waste management services throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Here are the different sizes of dumpsters that you can choose from:

Plan Ahead

Before the start of the project, you need to create a proper plan. You may want to check out an online checklist outlining the different steps of the home renovation process so you can plan accordingly. Put together a plan that clearly outlines what you want, especially when it comes to the space you want. For instance, every home renovation produces waste. Knowing the kind of waste you will produce allows you to get the right dumpster rental. Dumpster rentals come in varying capacities and are for different purposes. Work with your contractor to decide on the appropriate dumpster rental for your project.

Set a budget

Coming up with a budget is an important part of the planning. Unfortunately, home renovations can be costly. Without a set budget, you may end up with an unfinished project or it may cost much more than expected. It is essential to factor in the cost of labor, building materials, finishes, and other things.

To make sure you have accurate estimates, get quotes from professional building contractors. Apart from the estimated amount, reserve some extra money for emergencies and miscellaneous expenses.

Additionally, if you do not have enough money for the full renovation, you can make the renovations in stages or as advised by your contractor.

Create a timeline

Home renovations take a considerable amount of time. However, the exact amount of time depends on how big the project is.

All a homeowner looks forward to after the commencement of the project is a return to normalcy. Major renovations might require the homeowner to make plans to live elsewhere for time. It is wise to come up with an estimated timeline for how long the project might take. You should also prioritize which part of the renovation should come first. And just like how you reserved some extra money to cover miscellaneous expenses, it is equally important to add at least a few extra days to deal with unexpected delays.

Think of maintenance costs

The excitement to have a beautiful home can be overwhelming to the extent that homeowners forget about maintenance costs. You may be tempted to install a trendy home appliance, oblivious to the fact that it may require higher maintenance costs over the course of its lifetime. As such, it is important to consider these and other maintenance costs in the budget to see whether they are sustainable for your lifestyle.


Home renovations are an investment of your time and money. So, make sure that everything you purchase for the renovations work well together. The walls, flooring type, and other add-ons should go well together.

Last but not least, to ensure that the project runs smoothly, be on-site as much as possible to supervise the contractor and his workforce. Let your expectations be known. Above all, be a good boss to your employees. Through having a great rapport with your contractors, your project should go well. If hiccups in the remodelling process come up, communicate them to the contractor. Through thoughtful and respectful communication, the entire team will be on the same page with regards to your expectations and desires.